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Loggining is the world's first marketplace for shared subscriber accounts

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Loggining provides a simple and safe solution to earn money sharing a subscription plan, login details or a specific account.

Let's change the way people use online subscriptions with a powerful online sharing system.

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Our Features

What if you can provide a shared value experience and reduce costs in the process?

Why not rent space on your personal Wi-Fi connection for a period of time or even longtime - sharing the bill and connection makes good commercial sense for everyone.

Family Sharing makes it easy for up to six people to share each other’s App purchases without sharing accounts. Loggining can set up Family Sharing for the group and help you to save money for each app.

Loggining is the platform that gives you the tools needed to easily share your Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Spotify, Deezer and so much more with fellow users. Loggining is dedicated to the shared economy model and making it works for subscriber accounts.

Online tutoring/training for children and adults could be included. Kindle/eBook libraries that you have built up could be shared also.

The possibilities of renting, sharing or exchanging Video Games are endless for gamers. See your return increased by monetizing your video games libraries.

VPN, Slingbox, Beckett for Sports card collector, Daily Burn workout program...There are any other services that we could advise you on. Be a part of it!

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