I am selling World of tanks + World of Warplanes + World of Warships accounts.
A you can see, i play WoT since 2011 and there are many unlocked tanks.
You can see amount of gold, silver and free exp you get on this acc, as well as efficiency.

World of tanks:

In garage:

Tier 9: T54 with 130.000 exp gained for tier 10 tank: OBJ 140, all upgrades and consumables are mounted and crew is on 100% ( with buffs 105%,116%) and almost 2 skills researched, that crew can go on tier 10 vehile too!
Many tanks are reserched on german tree ( E100 RESEARCHED!), as well as on USA(Pershing researshed) and USSR ( T54, kv1...) and some of other countries.
Tier 8: T44 (ready for stronghold battles!)
Tier 6: T34-85 (ready for stronghold battles!)
Tier 5: German premium tank T25 with 100% crew!
    KV-1 Heavy tank with 100% crew
    Leopard light tank
Tier 4: Hetzer TD
Misions done for Stug V PREMIUM:
Light 12/15
Medium 15/15!
Heavy 6/15
TD 8/15

As you can see, there is light tanks bought for misions as well as heavy and TD.

World of Warplanes:

Tier 5 American Fighter. 
Tier 2 premium plane!
1,5 milion credits and MANY cosumables worth over a milion more!

World of Warships:

Tier 5 American Cruiser
Tier 4 American cruiser
Over 3 milion credits!

World of Warplanes and World of Warships you get with World of tanks acc for FREE!

Everything you need, you can ask me on skype: Ivanristic92
I can send you more pictures too.

Those are my personal accounts but i am moving and i dont have time to play them anymore.

Only serius buyers please.

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World of tanks (+ warplanes and warships acc)

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