About Us

Loggining.com is revolutionizing the way people buy and use online subscriptions through the simple yet powerful online sharing system. 
It’s hard to ignore the subscription sharing economy that has sprung up around the globe over the past 5 years, and if one isn’t familiar with the term Netflix and chill then either he or she has been hiding under a rock or still believes in courtship and ownership. 
The Loggining.com platform is right on time for the generation that doesn’t believe in ownership and prefers the ease and fluidity of renting or subscribing. Almost every successful start-up or new venture in recent years rely on crowdfunding; take Uber for example or Air BnB, not to mention of course Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

As businesses progress towards the subscription model, the inevitable need to share subscriptions has risen, and while it may be expensive to rent every service one could ever need or want, it makes sense to share subscriptions  to access what is needed when it is needed.

Loggining.com knows that by allowing subscribers to share their memberships for a small charge or direct swap is the way forward – after all everyone does it un-officially, so why not automate and expand the system ensuring that local users can access exactly what they need when needed, sharing the cost and the experience. 

When asked about the concept of Loggining.com, Adel Snoussi CEO and founder said, “As a student I couldn’t afford Netflix, so I would ‘borrow’ my friends subscription when I wanted a night in, then I realized that people were paying large sums of money for Wi-Fi, TV and Movie subscriptions, gaming, sports channels, music, the list goes on. No one uses their subscription 24 hours a day, so why not share the cost and share the services.”

As it stands there is no policy against sharing passwords with most providers, in fact it is all but encouraged by Apple Music and the New York Times, so check out Loggining.com platform for the best ‘subscriber’ membership bundles available at a price that is affordable.